Welcome to Atharra Primeland Development Corporation

We build more than structures. We develop communities that enhance everyday living.

Atharra Primeland Development Corporation was established in 2018, with the focus of specializing in vertical real estate developments.

A proud homegrown company in the province of Bohol where economy, business and tourism is propitious.

Our company is a true reflection of our home and core market – arising and promising.


To become the most responsive in improving people’s lives through a promising home investment across Region VII by 2030.


Atharra Primeland Development Corporation is committed to:

  • Deliver outstanding customer value by ensuring that executions of the value chain are in-placed.
  • Provide competitive talent management programs through effective and relevant organizational development initiatives.
  • Develop and grow relative market share by serving wide range product portfolio.


Atharra Primeland Development Corporation is committed to:

  • Improve the level of customer experience of at least 90% annually.
  • Adhere to on-time training, learning, and development.
  • Achieve at least one project annually.

Core Values

Customer Focus

We always give our best foot forward by operationalizing empathy, putting action in customer insights, and linking employee culture with customer outcomes.


We work together across boundaries, inspire growth through bold actions.


Being the best is not enough. A will to win an outstanding result expected to be delivered in everything that we do.

Cost Consciousness

We simply put the sense of worship in our resources by being prudent and economical without compromising the optimal efficiency.


Being upright in thoughts, in words, and in actions while upholding the moral standards.

Spirit of Family and Fun

Our culture is our brand. We value openness and encourage communicating viewpoints for a larger pool of ideas and initiatives in the workplace. Teach us and we remember, involve us and we will learn.

Board of Directors

Alfonso R. Damalerio II


Godfrey S. Digal


Darrel S. Digal


Alexander B. Zafra Jr.


Corporate Culture

Partner Realties